Excellent uniformity and the quality of each stem is superb. Stems are sturdy and its leaves are relatively small, the perfect combination for cut flower use. Aurora is versatile and is magnificent as a garden perennial.

Plant height is 35 – 47″ (90 – 120 cm).

Available in Blue, Deep Purple, Lavender, Light Blue, Light Purple and White

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Delphinium F1 Aurora™ Series


SOWING: Spring, fall
FINISHING: Summer, fall


TRAY SIZE: 288 or larger
GERMINATION: Emergence 10 -12 days / 65°F; cover with vermiculite—needs dark conditions for
PLUG FINISH TIME: 5 - 6 weeks

TRANSPLANT: 35-45 days after sowing
SPACING: 35-45 days after sowing
DAYS TO FLOWER: 65 – 75 days
TEMPERATURE: 60- 80°F day / 45- 50°F night

• For greenhouse production, sow seeds in the fall (Oct. to Dec.) for a March to May flowering time
• In mild climates, production can be outside as they prefer cool temperatures
• Sow August thru September plants will flower in November, and February to May plantings will flower
during the summer and fall
• During cooler times of the year, cut back after flowering to initiate re-flowering, average of 6-7 weeks
• Keep soil well drained and cool as they are susceptible to root rot.
• Reduce the amount of fertilizer after bud initiation to reduce disease problems.
• Deep Purple will flower 7 days earlier than the other colors.
Descriptions, illustrations, photos and disease resistance, etc. are based upon the results obtained under favorable conditions and certain races of


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