Mr A K Narang

A real sales person knows what his customer exactly wants and he thinks the same way his customer does.


Mr. A K Narang, a passionate and dynamic sales person with the love towards nature and greenery started his journey in the seed manufacturing and trading industry in the year 1976. Started his career as a sales person and in association with the renowned Sutton Seeds India Pvt. Ltd for a period of 4 years wherein he nurtured and mastered the art and craft required to be the best in the seed industry.

With a vision of having an own company offering qualitative seeds and related service, It was in the year 1980 Mr. A K Narang left his job and started exploring the seed trading business by own till the year 1986.

It was in the year 1986, the great dream of Mr. A K Narang came in to an accomplishment, after the setup of his own seed trading company named Pioneer Seeds Ltd. The serial items like - bajra, jwar, maize, sunflower seeds etc. were the highlights and the journey went successfully till 1990. With the constant urge of entrepreneurship and love towards a greener world pushed him to make new footsteps and Swami Seed Agency was born in the year 1990, which is now spreading its wings beyond boundaries.


Be in touch with Mr. A K Narang at 9811725444